Node for changing the gain, or amplitude, of a signal.

Controlling the gain is a fundamental operation in audio signal processing, useful in controlling loudness, adding dynamics, and many other effects. The operation itself is simply a vector-based multiply and GainNode obtains by subclassing MultipleNode. The only difference between the two is that GainNode 's default value is 1, meaning no gain.


Public Member Functions

Protected Member Functions

  • disconnectInput (const NodeRef &input)
  • disconnectOutput (const NodeRef &output)
  • configureConnections ()
  • setupProcessWithSumming ()
  • notifyConnectionsDidChange ()
  • bool
    inputChannelsAreUnequal () const
  • initializeImpl ()
  • uninitializeImpl ()
  • getSummingBuffer ()
  • getSummingBuffer () const

Protected Attributes